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The digital sales solutions enterprise needs for global success

Our digital sales solutions for B2B & B2C range from end-to-end eCommerce enabling you to process transactions and automate low-complexity renewals without human intervention to enabling automation to take care of repetitive administrational tasks, retention marketing, global compliance and taxation and partner-management. We do this without complicated IT projects and help you enter 180 markets worldwide. 

CLV growth for SaaS eCommerce made easy

The Cleverbridge CLV Growth Engine empowers customer success teams to better support and maximize the value of their customers with no additional headcount.

We do so by orchestrating user engagement, renewals, and upsells from initial outreach through to payment collection, fulfillment, compliance and taxation coupled to automated administrative updates powered by robust AI, allowing us to extend our automation to your back office. This allows us to minimize administrative tasks for your teams, while reducing churn and driving cost efficiencies. 

Renewal automation

In the B2B business space, renewal automation has become one of the most important tools for customer success. Why? Because it allows customers to simply and automatically renew their subscription to your service, without having to go through the hassle of manually renewing it themselves.  

Retention & Uplift Marketing

In addition to using marketing automation for renewals, our retention marketing tools help you set up automated customer email cadences to engage your customers at the optimal times to improve retention and up- or cross-sells. These campaigns are informed by AI and machine learning which allows your campaigns and processes to continuously improve.

Digital customer experience for B2B enterprise

The Cleverbridge CLV Growth Engine empowers our partners to transform their business processes allowing them to provide the rich, tailored digital experience B2B buyers expect without costly time-consuming changes while effectively gathering customer data and using machine learning to inform the customer buyer journey and provide better experiences at the right time, with the right message, to the right person—ultimately reducing churn and maximizing customer lifetime value with no additional headcount. 

Market entry in 180 markets in a matter of weeks

Going to market around the world has never been easier. We offer market entry opportunity for our partners in 180 markets, without the need for building a global compliance and taxation team, or adding new capabilities to your existing team. Outside of the administrative pressures global market entry brings with it, it also adds to the demands on your sales channels. Our self-service capabilities with localized payments and optimized checkout experiences shortcut this as our 15 years of experiences has taught us everything we need to know about success in any market you wish to sell your products. 

Affiliate Marketing Solution

Every new order counts. By using a self-service platform for affiliates, partners and resellers you will be able to automate your commissions and effortlessly amplify your global reach.

200,000-strong global partner network

Benefit from in-depth tracking for your performance marketing campaigns and granular reporting and forecasting to identify the most profitable publishers.

Easily attract new customers by increasing your presence in new media channels where potential customers are looking for content.

Churn Prevention

Manual processes are more prone to errors, automation helps you to avoid losing revenue caused by churn. Our churn prevention tools do not only help you - you guessed it - reduce churn, but additionally have built-in automation tools that allow your teams to focus on high-yield customers and automate low-chance churn candidates to either self-service or fully automate their renewals. 

How do I optimize my eCommerce TCO?

Launching and maintaining global online sales channels entails considerable costs that skyrocket your total cost of ownership. Instead of spending resources on developing an in-house eCommerce solution, partner with us.

How do we partner up?

Currently, we work with our clients in three different ways.

Merchant of Record

With cleverbridge Merchant of Record, we sell your digital goods under your brand as a reseller in 180+ countries. All you need to do is tell us what to sell.

Managed Service Provider

With cleverbridge Service Provider, you are the Merchant of Record owning all customer contracts including payment details. You will have the same platform, just the legals are different.

Hybrid Play

For some of our clients, we run a hybrid set-up. This means that we looked at their expansion strategy and made a cost/benefit analysis to ensure maximum impact and sustainable market scaling, all the while contributing to bottom-line growth.

You built the best product in the world: now sell it globally.

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